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Jesus Armendariz
Jesus Armendariz

First Name:

Last Name: Lange
City: Sydney
State: NSW
Country: Australia
School: Lange's MMA

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1. Submitted by Former student on Tuesday March 17, 2015 2:39 AM
As a former student of Lange I would like to comment on his teaching style etc. My 1st time at training with anthony he would not let me train saying he only accepted people who weighed below 115 Kilo's, I was only a little bit more than that but he still would not allow me to train. I felt discriminated against to say the least and got the impression this man who was a blue belt at the time was worried about a bigger person making him tap, or at least giving him a harder time on the mat than he was used to(by him enforcing his weight discrimination he could avoid potential embarrassment I guess). I did eventually manage to train at his gym by simply attending on a day he wasn't teaching and beginning to train anyway, by the time he had my cash rolling in and saw I wasn't a threat to him on the mat, I guess he changed his mind on the weight discrimination thing, for me at least. after many years training with him, I found him to be more interested in the money side of things rather than the Art of BJJ. His instruction was nothing special and lacking in detail and before and since then I have received allot better from far better less discriminating instructors.

2. Submitted by Peter on Saturday September 19, 2015 10:14 PM
I am a brown belt under Simon Farnsworth who is a 2nd degree black belt under Anthony Lange, I regularly make the hour trip from my club to train with Anthony. I pass through at least 5 other clubs on the way but Anthony is always welcoming and his club full of great individuals that train hard in a relaxed atmosphere, and that's one of the great things about his club and the main reason why I choose to train there, just rockup, pay your fees, and train!.. no politics or weird uniform rules. And on that note I'd like to address some of the things written by a Former student 'Kurt Heinrich' and express my disdain for the petty and ignorant comments. 1 - things worked differently 20 years ago when Anthony was a blue belt but one fact hasn't changed and it's that everyone can learn jiu jitsu but you have to be fit for it to be effective.. weighing 120kg and looking like a walking heart attack doesn't help. Especially with the monsters on the matt at the time. 2 - Monsters on the matt, most of the people who trained with Anthony Lange at the time were heavyweights, I can think of at least 4 who competed in 100+kg, 2 of which are 3rd degrees now and have fought in the UFC, 1 is a 2nd degree in bjj and judo and teaches in philippines, and the other now works for you Kurt :) 3 - Anthony is well respected by everyone in the Jiu jitsu community in oz, he has done a lot for jiu jitsu running the eventsbjj comp 2-3 times annually, refereeing at several IFBJJ and AFBJJ comps, and coach to several top pro MMA fighters. So I find it ironic that money was referenced twice knowing your dealings in the past Kurt ;)

3. Submitted by former student on Sunday September 20, 2015 6:33 PM
Anthonly Lange whilst he was competing in and running a competition At Sydney University fought in a black belt match with guga and Lange lost by choke(was nice to see), this was around 2002 or 3 I think " I was there". Lange's response to losing this match in front of hundreds of people was to pack up his bags in disgrace"his reaction" and leave the tournament immediately after the loss shirking all his responsibilities and running like a rabbit. He left all his students just standing there, he was completely gone for the day, I guess his EGO and sense of self importance could not take it, this is a true reflection of the man and his character, his actions speak louder than your words peter. Even though life was different 20 years ago, refusing to allow somebody to train because they are to heavy(for him) 120kg is discrimination plain and simple, it's like me telling you peter, you can't train because you are to light, or gay, or whatever, it is what it is, discrimination, and in Lange's case he discriminated because he was fearful his students would see him tapping out, oh the EGO! And by the way 120kg does not mean you are a walking heart attack, go and tell greg inglis NRL at 115kg that and see how you go. Clearly Peter you have any issue with bigger people and probably discriminate yourself based on your derogatory comments, small man syndrome? Wasn't the EGO supposed to be left at that door, that was my moto! Referring to Elvis(1 of lange's previous stable) as a top mma fighter who Anthony coached is not exactly correct, his record in the UFC was not great, in fact it was pretty dismal and a very short career so great is a bit of an exaggeration, and I cannot think of any other great mma fighter he coaches, the only other associate is Anthony Perosh and every fight in the UFC he fights he gives demonstrations how he can't box to save his life, and how not to do a take down and grapple, and then on how to get bashed around and finally knocked out. Anthony is not respected by all in the Jiu Jitsu community and has always been someone who uses and exploits people to get what he wants, Peter just deal with it and accept it bro.

4. Submitted by Sonny Brown on Friday January 6, 2017 5:37 AM
Great coach. Encyclopedic knowledge of BJJ techniques, Recently won gold at Masters world Champs and best of all is a top bloke who has created a friendly environment and culture at the club. Would recommend to anyone in the area.

5. Submitted by Former Student on Tuesday February 6, 2018 5:47 PM
It's a great club, Anthony is a legendary coach respected by all the BJJ scene in Australia and the fact his club has been around for 20 years is a testament to that fact.

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