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Tudor Mihaita
Tudor Mihaita

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Last Name: Dee
City: Burleigh Heads
State: Queensland
Country: Australia
School: Full Metal Jiu Jitsu

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1. Submitted by Miles on Sunday December 4, 2011 11:29 PM
I have trained with Justin on the Gold Coast and in Japan. His skills are just phenomenal and he has developed his own modern rendition of BJJ. Everything he teaches is so effective and after every session you walk away knowing so many useful techniques. His love for the sport really shows from the way he teaches and he has opened a gym on the Gold Coast with the most state of the art equipment and facilities. One of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure of training with.

2. Submitted by Cristiano Del Giacco on Wednesday December 7, 2011 7:23 AM
Justin, or Juggs as we all know him, has a passion for Jiu Jitsu that is highly infectious. He has taught me many things inside and outside of the gym and has ignited my passion for BJJ and continues to give me fuel for this fire. As head coach at FMJJ he passes his knowledge and techniques to all with out discrimination and welcomes everyone from all academies with open arms to enjoy Jiu Jitsu. I am blessed to have him as my coach. OSSSSSS!!!!

3. Submitted by The Prince on Wednesday December 7, 2011 8:28 AM
Justin,juggs is a awesome coach so technical and very easy to pick up new techniques , especially if ur a beginner he makes it look easy and with his hands on fantastic demonstrations makes any move look easy for everybody to use and do ,hes a natural leader and a great mentor to have ,i respect him as a persona and coach as shares the same passion as i do in my sport which is football (soccer) and has made me love bjj , so coming from a love of another sport and to see that there's is someone else this crazy in love for his art and has same the passion he has for teaching and practising the art jiu jitsu makes me believe that juggsy has no limits and will certainly get worldwide recognition for is coaching ability and people will be flying in from all over to be coached by him we need more coaches like him in this world there are only a few of them around with such love passion and eagerness to teach others all he knows for the good of the sport .

4. Submitted by Justin Lawrence on Wednesday December 7, 2011 5:49 PM
I am a long time promoter of MMA & have managed numerous athletes from around the world to competing in UFC, Pride, Pro Elite, KOTC & more. I have known Justin DEE for over 10yrs & watched him grow from a student & MMA enthusiast/former fighter into the man he is today. I am very proud to call Justin my friend & also have him represent the Martial Arts/MMA industry. As I am not a student or practitioner of BJJ, I can not pass comment on his technical capacity. I can vouch for Justin as a man of the highest level of character & would always recommend him as an exceptional role model for children & a highly suitable coach for all walks of life/skill levels. His love & knowledge of the Martial Arts, MMA & BJJ is immense. I have always referred "Juggs" to industry people around the world & students alike. All of which have then maintained long term professional & personal relationships with him. All the best to Justin DEE & his growing team! Two thumbs up!!

5. Submitted by Hercules on Saturday December 17, 2011 8:55 PM
Justin is a forward thinking BJJ practitioner, with an eye for detail, and a passion for Jiu-Jitsu that extends beyond club rivalries and BJJ politics. I have known Justin for the past 3 years, and what I respect most about Justin is that he always treats everyone as an equal regardless of BJJ or other worldly statuses. On a personal level Justin has always been in my corner whether asked or not, and that to me is a great reflection of his willingness to give his all to his students and friends. Justin's Jiu-Jitsu is a great blend of gi and no-gi techniques, and he brings a quirkiness to his classes which is sure to keep everyone entertained. Bottom line, Justin is just a great guy with some great Jiu-Jitsu.

6. Submitted by Thomas Ruderman on Wednesday April 17, 2013 7:49 PM
This guy should be a black belt, thats all I need to say. OSS

7. Submitted by Anonymous on Thursday April 18, 2013 12:26 AM
He needs to work on his belt tying skills. That should be a prerequisite for a black belt.

8. Submitted by Goldie on Monday September 25, 2017 1:22 AM
A long winded 2 bob snob. Poor business partner. The softer side of bjj.likes the beautiful people and dislikes nock abouts. A pretty club for pretty people. A lot of show but not much go kind of club. IMHO.

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