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Brian Kim
Brian Kim

First Name:

Last Name: Elias
Nickname: "Caique"
City: Lomita
State: CA
Country: USA
School: Caique Jiu Jitsu and Self Defense

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1. Submitted by james on Friday December 23, 2011 4:33 PM
master caique elias is the best jiu-jitsu instructor that i have had the pleasure of learning from and getting to know. his attention to detail is second to none. he is from the original gracie academy so he only teaches what is useful for self defense. i hva elearned from other instructors like rigan machado, john machado, fabio santos, gokor chivichyan, and fabio vinelli but there is a reason why i received all of my belts in bjj from master caique.

2. Submitted by Sundar JM Brown on Tuesday August 21, 2012 1:38 PM
Caique was there when I got my blue belt back in 1996. I remember him teaching a seminar wherein he showed how to catch a far-side straight armlock from the sidemount. At the time, BJJ was not widespread enough to provide sufficient exposure to the purple-black belt level "tricks", what to speak of the presence of many black belts on the East Coast at all (the only two who were regularly there were Renzo and Craig Kukuk; Helio & Rorion & Royce would come from time-to-time, but, to receive advanced level training, one had to travel to CA or Rio), so, having Caique there was a real treat. The seminar began with Caique showing how to catch the same-side armlock from the sidemount. When the opponent turns towards the attacker and shrinks his arm (and often uses his far-side arm to push away) Caique took the far-side armlock. Caique made the whole thing out to be a surprise; he didn't teach the move first, he just had the opponent defend, and, then immediately demonstrated the far-side armlock. As he did he said, "And now I give the guy a little surprise, right HERE!" as he spun for the armlock. The assembled students looked shocked that such a thing could occur- no one had ever thought of going to the opposite side! People's jaws dropped, Caique burst into a huge ear-to-ear smile, a couple people clapped, and, then he showed us how it was done. What we didn't know was that this was also Helio's preferred teaching method. So as not to confuse the student with too much information at once, Helio would demonstrate the move first, then, bit-by-bit, add in the details until the movement was fully developed. Caique did the same thing by demonstrating first and then showing the details of how to progress to the far-side straight armlock. It was 16 years ago, but, I remember his method, precisely : catch the crook of the opponent's far-side elbow with your bottom arm, hold your lapel to secure the arm, sprawl, putting the full weight of your chest on the trapped arm, push the opponent's head towards you with the top hand, walk around to the other side in one continous motion, driving the arm at an angle as you go, sit, pinch the knees, arm on the chest (baseball bat grip), and, keeping the arm on the chest, lean back for the armlock. TO THIS DAY, I use the EXACT same method to catch this armlock. Caique is classic Helio BJJ at its best, and, above all, his sense of humor and highly entertaining personality make it all so much fun. I'll always have fond memories of training with Caique.

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