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Jim  Collins
Jim Collins

First Name:

Last Name: Vieira
City: Rio De Janeiro
State: Rio De Janeiro
Country: Brazil
School: Checkmat / Figth Zone

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1. Submitted by Maria Eduarda Oliveira on Wednesday December 28, 2011 2:15 PM
O melhor professor.

2. Submitted by Rafael Fernandes on Wednesday December 28, 2011 2:23 PM
The Best!!!!

3. Submitted by Caique Rodrigues on Wednesday December 28, 2011 2:30 PM
Ooiieeeeeee!! Checkmat é nois

4. Submitted by Mario Pinheiro on Wednesday December 28, 2011 2:53 PM
oieeeeeeeeee the best teacher!

5. Submitted by Pippa granger on Wednesday December 28, 2011 6:02 PM
Brilliant teacher!

6. Submitted by bob on Wednesday December 28, 2011 11:47 PM
Gênio!! Osssssss

7. Submitted by mathew on Thursday December 29, 2011 12:27 AM
simply the best.....

8. Submitted by MARCUS DONNICI SION on Thursday December 29, 2011 9:32 AM
he,s the best!!!!!

9. Submitted by Chris Greenwood on Thursday December 29, 2011 11:39 AM
Without write a whole book here just simply the best around.

10. Submitted by Ricardo Tavares on Thursday December 29, 2011 11:39 AM
Transformando o sonho de muitos em realidade, nunca desista de seus sonhos.

11. Submitted by Douglas Gray on Thursday December 29, 2011 12:20 PM
My teacher Marco Canha's teacher . I trained with Rico in brazil and in London at seminars. He teaches in English and rolls with a smile on his face. Love it.

12. Submitted by Hasse on Thursday December 29, 2011 5:40 PM
--- Fightzone all the way 100% ---

13. Submitted by Marco Canha on Sunday January 1, 2012 12:51 AM
Best BJJ instructor!!oieeeeeee

14. Submitted by Manu on Sunday January 1, 2012 1:15 PM
Happiness... genius... Open spirit.... Simply THE BEST BJJ instructor. Oss

15. Submitted by Edward Bautista on Tuesday January 10, 2012 2:03 PM
I train with his brother Leandro and whenever he comes to the US i dont hesitate to take one or any of his classes. He's brought my game to a high level and he never holds back. In fact he floods you with so much information, its all you can eat info. And his jiujitsu is PHENOMENAL!!! Just look at some of his Black Belts, theyre champions!

16. Submitted by cesar luiz on Thursday January 12, 2012 10:54 PM
Sou fã!!! Jiu Jitsu de primeira linha oieee CheckMat sempree.

17. Submitted by Gilberto Medeiros on Monday January 16, 2012 9:03 PM
Jiu Jitsu de alto nível e visão de jogo incomparável...ossss CHECKMAT FOREVER!!!!!

18. Submitted by jezreel miqueias florentino on Thursday January 19, 2012 10:02 AM
bom fazer parte desta familia , familia CHECK MAT , onra , respeito , garra , amor ao proximo aqui nesta equipe se encontra, por que exemplos nos temos de nosso liderança , ooossssssss

19. Submitted by Tamara Miranda on Thursday January 19, 2012 11:10 AM
Ensinar com humildade,prazer e amor é uma tarefa q muitos tentam e poucos conseguem!!! Parabéns Rico! Vc é um professor exemplar! Ossss

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