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Brian American
Brian American

First Name:

Last Name: Smith
Nickname: "The Animal"
City: Queenstown
State: Otago
Country: New Zealand
School: Fight Science

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1. Submitted by Sandra on Saturday October 1, 2016 7:38 AM
I am hesitant to write a negative review, but I feel it is needed so that others do not make the same mistake, and are not made to feel how we felt. I do not mean to offend anyone and hope to just provide an overview of my partner and my own experiences. This guy is a total creep, and I honestly recommend that you stay clear of him. My partner and I went to train with him at Fight Science/Industrial Fitness as we did not know there was more Jiu-Jitsu in the local area, we should have researched ourselves rather than rely on someone telling us. When we first trained with him he had 5 stripes on his purple belt (we had never heard of this before), soon after when we came back he had a brown belt. "The Animal" as he calls himself, could not articulate how he was able to be promoted to Brown belt (although he did have a certificate that he showed us :P). In regards to his teaching of BJJ, setting aside everything to follow, he is okay, although the techniques are explained in overly complex manner, almost as if he is trying to appear to be more masterful than you. However his actual Jiu-Jitsu is sub-standard for brown belt level (even for purple belt he seems average at best). I was later told that he left his old team, as the blue belts and even the more experienced white belts were beating him and his ego (which believe me is big) could not take it (This is the opposite story that he tells anyone who will listen). I cannot say if this is a fact or just a local joke (the guys I heard it from thought it was pretty funny), but I would not be surprised. So what makes this guy so bad? Well he is rude, abrasive, and clearly has a bad sense of personal hygiene (his Gi stinks so bad I wanted to be sick). On top of this I felt uncomfortable the whole class as I felt he was constantly trying to touch me and I swear at one point he smelled my hair. This would be bad enough, however what made it worse was that my boyfriend was also present and this made the situation very awkward. The way he talks is terrible, and he seems unable to be civilized and lacks any sense of manners. When we did randori in the classes he simply tried to injure everyone, he appeared to go 100% on everyone regardless of level (the level at this gym is low, aside from a purple belt, just a few white belts and even people wearing casual clothes to Kimono classes) and try to force submissions as fast as possible. Again this seemed like a serious ego problem. I have since stopped training here (obviously), and having spoken with local people regarding Jason Smith I was shocked (but not at all surprised) to hear even more concerning things, of a serious criminal nature, told to me. I will not go into great details but they include assault, female battery, and supplying drugs to children (it is a wonder that he is not in prison). On doing some research I found that this is all public record in New Zealand and is in fact true. I am going to end my comments here as if you have not got the picture by now, that this is not a good teacher or place to train, then nothing I say will change your mind. Go and see for yourself. Be safe, Sandra

2. Submitted by Jackson on Sunday February 5, 2017 11:41 AM
I trained at Industrial Fitness in Queenstown in 2016 and I thought the facility was dope, the owner Brandon was super chill. but this guy was a real let down. It felt like all he wanted to show beginners was that he was "good" and he wasnt even very good... nowhere near the level of a brown belt where I come from. My first impression of Jiu-Jitsu in NZ is that it is not so strong. Apparently he is under some big team in Auckland (Oliver MMA?), I plan to check them out when i am there next.

3. Submitted by Sam on Thursday August 3, 2017 12:06 AM
This guy is a self promoted brown belt. Will he give himself a black belt soon too.

4. Submitted by R G on Sunday October 15, 2017 9:57 PM
This instructor is not associated to Rilion Gracie Academy in any way whatsoever.

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